The World Of Tsai Chin【ShortSynopsis】

周采芹 图片1

The  World  Of  Tsai  Chin

A   film    by   Michelle Miao  Chen and   Hilla    Medalia


Tsai Chin is one of the first Chinese actresses to make it in the West. She is the daughter of Zhou Xinfang, the father of traditional Peking Opera who was brutally killed during the Chinese Cultural Revolution,and whom she didn’t get to see again after leaving in 1953.

Tsai Chin started her acting career in London, at first she was given small stereotypical roles, being the submissive and exotic woman, usually the ‘bimbo’. Her tenacity and big personality didn’t allow her to let go until she managed to break the stigma and make a real change in the way Asian women were depicted on TV and film. She is the only Chinese who played in both West End and Broadway and was even a Bond girl twice. Parallel to her success in acting,she started singing and immediately was signed by Decca,the same record label as the Beatles.

Her quick rise to stardom was followed by a big and painful fall. She lost all her fortune andfound left alone and anonymous,waiting tables at her brother’s restaurant,’Mr.Chow’s’,to survive.

Tsai’s is bigger than life. Her dramatic life story begins in a different, almost magical place and time. One that is gone forever. With the help of her unique and dramatic storytelling we are transferred to this era, to the Peking Opera, to the cultural elite of China and from it to the western world, the biggest stages, the lime light,the star dust that covered her life for so many years. Her fall from grace after being in the highest of places is a dramatic tale of resilience.


Visual Materials:

A 14 min assembly made after two days of shooting with Tsai Chin and some of her former co-workers. Password:DOS

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