The Word Of Tsai Chin 【Artistic Statement】

The World of Tsai Chin charts the career of actress, singer, and writer, Tsai Chin- her rise and fall and getting back on her feet.
Combining archival material with interviews of people who worked with her, her friends, family, waxing nostalgic and entertainingly portrayal of her life and work.
The film is based on the the vast amounts of archival materials from Tsai’s performances and interviews over the years as well as interviews with Tsai herself and people who knew her or work with her throughout her life. Friends and family like Elizabeth Harris Aitken, her close friend from the Royal Academy days, and lawyer Carlo Colombotti, famous restaurant owner and Tsai’s brother Michael Chow, her Son, as well as those who acted alongside her like Anthony Hopkins, Sandra Oh, Ming Ha, and British director Leslie Woodhead among others.
We choose to call the film The world of Tsai Chin which reflects her personality and the world she creates for herself,both on and off screen.We would use her music as the soundtrack of the film which adds another element to‘Tsai’s world.’
The film has an historical elements with Tsai’s family story from her father’s artistic work to her experience in the west; some are obvious like the story of her father and the traditional Pekin Opera, the cultural revolution, films and theater, but also other important historical elements for example when she arrived to London there was 1 single chinese restaurant and people weren’t used to seeing Asians, followed by the success of her brother’s restaurant, and today where the cities she lives in, LA and London,both have ‘chinatown’s.
The World of Tsai Chin is the inside story of a pioneer who inspires Asian Audience and Actresses to stand up and appear as they are. Most Chinese use American Names, even Michael Chow, Tsai’s brother, uses an international name. Tsai insisted on keeping her Chinese name, though she has a perfect accent, she stand strong to keep her heritage and is very critical of people who don’t do that. Therefore we will also have her speaking some chinese in the film.
We gained unprecedented access to Tsai, her personal archive (she keeps all her cuttings…), and the people around her allowing us to have an intimate portrait of her story with all the ups and downs.